Abyssinia Bank invitations qualified applicants for the following job positions.

Bank of Abyssinia has registered giant growth in paid-up capital and total asset. It additionally attracted many professional staff members, treasured shareholders, and large customers from all walks of life. This overall performance indicates public confidence in the Bank and reliability and pleasure in its services.

Position 1: Grade I Branch Manager

Education: MA/BA Degree in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Economics or different business related fields.

Work Experience: Minimum of 6/8 years banking experience. Experience in Supervisory position is advantageous.

1. Job Objective:

To ensure the overall banking operation things to do of the branch perform as per the bank’s policy, procedure, guiding principle and other pertinent regulation.

2. Job Duties and Responsibilities:

General Duties and Responsibilities:

• Develop Branch plans (such as operational plan, advertising plans and sales plan) and objectives and, lead & consider in their implementation.

• Coordinate and manage the overall banking operation things to do in the branch.

• Prepare the Branch’s budget and track its implementation,

• Represent the Branch,

• Ensure superb and proper utilization of resources;

• Analyze needs, asses the capacities of staff, and propose non-stop education (e.g. training plan, TOT, seminars);

• Coach and mentor personnel within the branch in the direction of effective career development,
Sets goals, objectives, overall performance standards and signs an settlement with performers, and evaluate the periodic performance of subordinates,

• Prepare, Review, approve and post functional reports to applicable organs and work closely with the branch groups for same,

• Manage disciplinary concerns of the Branch’s staff.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensures customer queries and complaints accurate handled;

• Facilitate efficient and high pleasant service to customers;

• Manage and maintain effective relationship with customer and staffs;

• Promote new and existing banks products, provider and digital banking to customers;

• Enhance the banks image through pro-active dealing with of customers and maximizes their satisfaction;

• Ensures that all performer comply with regulatory standards, bank’s policies, procedure and code of conduct;

• Ensure the success of overall tasks that have given to execute customer-focused carrier in the process;

• Adhere strictly to compliance and operational risk controls in accordance with the bank’s and regulatory standards and policies;

• Ensure that duties are completed to the agreed standards inside the agreed delivery time;

• Plan, coach, manage and coordinate the universal branch management;

• Enhance the Branch’s competitive position;

• Perform everyday assessment of all branch –related work practices;

• Support Branch personnel in developing, managing, and growing customer relationships;

• Ensure compliance and monitoring is in location in accordance with rules , regulations, and standards;
Set team objectives, desires , and performance standards and facilitate team’s alignment and aim cascading;

• Adhere strictly to compliance and operational risk controls in accordance with the bank’s and regulatory standards and policies;

• Ensure that duties are completed to the agreed standards inside the agreed delivery time;

• Plan, coach, manage and coordinate the typical branch management;

• Work closely with the department teams in annual plan improvement and implementation;

• Enhance the Branch’s competitive position;

• Review and consolidate Branch budgets;

• Perform regular evaluation of all branch –related work practices;

• Evaluate annual plans, such as operational plan, marketing plans and income plan…

• Support Branch staff in developing, managing, and growing patron relationships;

• Ensure compliance and monitoring is in place in accordance with rules , regulations, and standards;

• Creates conducive work surroundings for the customers and staff;

• Check and approve balance confirmation;

• Motivates all department staff to deliver excessive quality service;

• Implement the designed strategy for enterprise growth, operational excellence and digitalization;

• Represent the Branch in social and official affairs and handle correspondences;

• Ensure all report related to credit and worldwide banking are properly and timely forwarded to the respective departments;

• Coordinate the advertising efforts of the branch;

• Perform other duties assigned through appropriately instituted Supervisory Management.

Position 2: Foreclosure Officer

Education: LLM/LLB Degree in Law.

Experience: Minimum of 4/6 years banking experience, of which 3 years in the area of Law.

Job Objective:

• To take care of legal matters and court docket proceedings related to debt. Handle loan litigation cases and criminal cases; show up to all court levels and any tribunals. Identify rising trends associated with mortgage defaults that may affect the Bank.

• Represent the Bank earlier than courts of law and any tribunals. Participate in research works, take part in meetings & prepare periodic reports.

Main responsibilities and Responsibilities:

• Prepare statements of claim, defense, other pleadings and memorandum of appeal with appreciate to loan recovery earlier than courts to protect the Bank from emerging loss.

• Represent the Bank or make sure the Bank is appropriately represented in courts and any tribunals for issues associated to loan litigations.

• Review court judgments and any tribunal orders and advocate branches and concerned departments to comply with the decision.

• Follow up the implementation of courts and any tribunal orders.

• Follow up and advise on the defaulting loans and the termination of the prison and equitable title of properties held as collateral.

• Prepare letters to public authorities and to defaulters for the execution of foreclosure activities.

• Prepare prison notices to defaulters for the settlement of arrears on loans granted by the Bank.

• Advise and observe up criminal cases associated to loan issues.

• Review reports on the reputation of loan litigation cases and court docket decisions.

• Recommend alternative way of case settlements for some disputes with defaulting clients.

• Follow up the auctioning of mortgaged/pledged property.

• Conduct research aiming at enhancing systems and mechanisms of efficient mortgage recovery.

• Ensure that the records of courts adjournments, other archives related to loan litigation and all the imperative legal documents or documents are available and neatly and systematically kept in the Department each in hard and soft copy.

• Communicate outcomes and court decisions to respective branches of the Bank.

• Interpret and put together circulars and memos on legal issues that ought to affect the activities of the involved work unit of the department.

• Analyzes the probable outcomes of instances based on legal precedents and decide the advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuits;

• Prepares statement of claim, defense, pleadings, appeal, affidavit, memorandum, application, notices & legal instruments;

• Follow-up the ideal institution and presentation of legal fits and/or statements of defense in all cases such as judgment execution process and appeals.

• Represent the Bank before courts of law, judicial tribunals, and different similar organs in relation to loan litigation cases and criminal cases.

• Attend court cases, behavior litigation, and report progresses on each adjournment.

• Participates in conferences and negotiations called by the Bank or exterior organs;

• Represents the Bank in any government, public or private organs, courts of law, judicial tribunals, etc.

• Follows up crime cases dealt with by the police, prosecutor, court, or other comparable crime investigation offices or government organs;

• Maintains modern knowledge of alteration in legislation;

• Maintains team work at all operational ranges and up keep good working family members with internal and external clients of the Bank;

• Takes appropriate action and supply results within the given carrier delivery time set for each work process;

• Handles and follow-up instances assigned to him/her end to end till the final response/decision reaches the requester;

• Prepares and deliver growth performance reports on court docket attendance to Supervisors immediately after return;

• Report to his/her supervisor on current reputation of pending cases;
Follow up advisory and non-loan related litigation cases in courts and different tribunals as assigned by Director.

• Perform other associated duties given by the supervisor.

Place of Work: HO, Ethiopia

Place of work: Dessie District, Ethiopia

Deadline: July 07, 2023

How to Apply:

Click the link


• In person or postal application is not accepted,

• Ineligible/Unqualified applicants will be automatically rejected,

• Applicants are urged to submit only one applications;

• Those who submitted multiple applications will be denied.

• Any updates will be communicated only through email.

• Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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