Amhara Bank S.C. is one of the personal commercial Banks with an aim to create a sizable impact in the manner in which banking services are delivered thru knowledge-based leadership & state of the artwork technology in a very unique presence and cost proposition. The Bank focuses on service inclusiveness, innovation, community & purchaser focus.

The Bank would like to invite competent and qualified candidates to observe for the following positions to be hired on a permanent basis.

Amhara Bank Job Vacancy Announcement June 2023:

Position 1: Human Resource Officer

Qualifications: BA in HRM, Business Administration, Management, and any different related fields.

Experience: 3 years of applicable banking experience of which one/1 year officer position.

Purpose of the Job: To identify, recruit, select, socialize and maintain highly competent and certified individuals in line with the bank’s human capital strategy, policies and procedures

Generic Functions:

• Participate in developing, reviewing and imposing policies & procedures, plan /budget, overall performance report of the division;

• Provide services as per the provider level agreement;

• Contribute to the bank’s profitability as per the target set;

• Engage in teamwork, collaboration, and transparency work practices;

• Adhere to interior control system and threat management program of the Bank;

• Provide the involved organ with timely, relevant, accurate, and complete reports on the graph performance;

Specific Functions:

• Sustain or/and improve key recruiting KPIs Plan and implement a Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding method to attract high great applicants ;

• Source candidates through brain pools (internal/external) use the defined sourcing approach;

• Screen candidates through resume review and phone interviews to affirm appropriate hard and smooth skills to fill specified roles and cultural healthy with the organization;

• Assures background checks and due diligence,

• Prepare and provide offer letter for new entrants,

• Arrange new hire orientation and serve as a liaison between all new hires and their respective supervisors;

• Integrated new entrants with the financial institution and its culture, as well as getting the tools and facts needed to become a productive member of the team.

• Maintain worker records are properly arranged, maintained and saved at the initial stage in the proper custody;

• Assist the senior officer in all Talent Acquisition and On boarding things to do as required;

• Handle additional related assignments as directed by way of immediate supervisor.

Place of Work: Bahir Dar (North Regional Office)

Position 2: Head, Internal Control

Qualifications: BA in Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Banking and insurance Management, and any different related fields.

Experience: 6 years of relevant banking journey out of which two/2 years as senior Internal Control officer.

Purpose of the Job: To ensure that the overall region\districts\branches banking operation is in line with the Bank’s insurance policies and procedures, applicable laws and guidelines by conducting procedural audit; and to contribute in making sure the internal control device of the Bank.

Generic Functions:

• Demonstrate the Bank’s code of conduct; embody the bank’s good culture and company image to the public;

• Engage in teamwork, collaboration, and transparency work practices;

• Provide services as per the provider level agreement;

• Contribute to the bank’s profitability as per the target set;

• Provide the worried organ with timely, relevant, accurate, and complete reports on the graph performance;

• Handle other related usual duties

Specific Functions:

• Examine and analyze proper execution of operations of the districts and branches under the regional workplace is in line with its operating policies and procedures;

• Ensure the undertakings of pre -audit and post- audit things to do at branches as required to verify the balance of subsidiary trial stability accounts against the General Ledger;

• Check the opening of new debts and relating supporting files & maintains and keeps custody of replica specimen signature cards,

• Check loans and advances including overdrafts to ascertain that they are disbursed in accordance to the committees’ decision on the loan approval structure (LAF) and records the discrepancies every day on the discrepancies file sheet and informs the discrepancies found for immediate action;

• Ensure the rectification of audit findings of any primary discrepancies reported by inside auditors;

Place of Work: Addis Ababa Regional Office

Position 3: Customer Service Executive – II

Qualifications: BA in Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Management, Business Management, Economics, Marketing Management, and related fields.

Experience:1 year of journey in banking operation as CSO, CSR, CSE, or related position.

Purpose of the Job: To enhance consumer satisfaction by dealing with front-line customer service things to do with due care and maximum efficiency; increase the Branch’s useful resource mobilization effort by cross-selling the Bank’s products and services;

Generic Functions:

• Enhance the sturdy business relationship with customers and cross-sell the bank’s high quality image to the community;

• Provide the concerned organ with timely, relevant, accurate, and whole reports on the plan performance

• Demonstrate the Bank’s code of habits at workplaces and time to be abiding by the bank’s organizational culture

• Provide offerings as per the service level agreement;

• Contribute to the bank’s profitability as per the goal set;

• Engage in teamwork, collaboration, and transparency work practicesto the internal control gadget and risk management software of the Bank;

• Follow all bank’s operational, financial, and security regulations and procedures;

• Build recognition of new products and services, and identify patron needs to capitalize on the business referral opportunities;

• Receive and grants physical cash from and to Cash Supervisor;

• Receive and pay money from customers after proper identification, verification, and posting transactions.

• Collect/pay money and debit/credit the respective accounts;

• Prepare and issue checkbooks and passbooks and provide financial institution statements for customers at request.

• Check and countersign vouchers, process standing instructions, receive stop payment orders from customers, and acquire supervisor approval.

Place of Work: Ashewa Meda

Position 4: Customer Service Executive – III/Senior CSO – Cash/

Qualifications: BA in Accounting, Accounting & Finance, Banking & Insurance, Marketing, Business Administration, Management, and related fields.

Experience: 3 years of applicable experience in banking operations as CSO, CSR, and CSE

Purpose of the Job: To manage the general cash movements and operation of the Branch; make sure that daily balance of money agrees with the general ledger; supervises staffs engaged in money area;

Essential Functions:

• Perform KYC and Customer due diligence upon opening accounts

• Receive and deliver physical money from and to customers,

• Collect/pay cash and debit/credit the respective accounts,

• Update passbook, print deal slip, or issues patron advice,

• Issue and sign Payment Instruments,

• Perform other obligations as required.

Place of Work: Ashewa Meda

Position 5: Security Guard – I

Qualification: Grade 10th Complete /12th

Experience: Two/2 years of relevant trip in Military service.

• Age: Between 25 – 50

Purpose of the Job: support the customer carrier process of the bank via keeping the work places Safe, Secured and makes it appealing for staffs and customers.

Essential Functions:

• Patrolling and securing the area and ensuring the safety of properties and facilities

• Protecting the company’s assets relative to theft, assault, fire, and different safety issues

• Authorize entrance of people and vehicles

• Report any suspicious behaviors and happenings

• Performs different related duties as assigned

Place of Work: Ashewa Meda,

Position 6: Messenger & Cleaner – I

Qualification: 10th/12th Grade Complete

Experience: Two/2 years of applicable experience

Age: Between 18-35

Essential Functions:

• Receive and deliver documents, materials, and supplies from workplace to office within the company.

• Securely can provide packages, documents, written and verbal messages, and other items to the meant location or recipient in a timely manner.

• Protects the confidentiality of data and documents

Place of Work: Ashewa Meda

Position 7: Branch Manager Grade – I

Qualifications: BA in Banking & Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Management and any other related fields.

Experience: 7 years of applicable experience in the Banking Industry of which 1 year as Assistant Branch Manager/CSM or Relationship Manager.

Purpose of the Job: To attain sustainable growth and profitability of the Bank through cross-selling the Bank’s merchandise & services; acquiring & retaining customers, enhancing customer services, and building robust customer relationships to maximize resources mobilization efforts; managing standard retail banking operations at the assigned branch.

Essential Functionality:

• Lead in the development and revision of the branch office’s useful strategy aligned with the business degree strategy of the Bank;

• Plan and lead the resource mobilization endeavor of the Branch by organizing and coordinating the branch work pressure in an effective manner.

• Support regular assessments on service delivery at the department through methods such as consumer survey at the branch to determine clients ‘perception & experience of the Bank’s service;

• Ensure an attractive banking carrier is delivered and maintained;

• Plan and lead the resource Mobilization activity of the Branch by way of organizing and coordinating the branch work force in an high quality manner,

• Aggressively engages in marketing and promotional activities,

Place of Work: Ashewa Meda

Deadline: July 08, 2023

How to Apply:

Interested applicants fulfilling the above requirements are invited to apply within five (5) consecutive days from July 04, 2023, to July 08, 2023, online via on belows Amhara Bank Vacancy Web Portal Link:

For any inquiry contact us on 690

• Only short listed candidates will be communicated

• Hard copy or physical applications will not be accepted

• The Bank has the right to cancel the post advertised

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