Amhara Bank S.C. is one of the personal commercial Banks with an aim to create a good sized impact in the manner in which banking services are delivered thru knowledge-based leadership & state of the artwork technology in a very unique presence and cost proposition. The Bank focuses on service inclusiveness, innovation, community & client focus.

The Bank would like to invite competent and qualified candidates to observe for the following positions to be hired on a permanent basis.

Amhara Bank Job Vacancy Announcement July 2023:

Position 1: Driver – I

Qualification: 10th/12th Grade third grade driving license or public level 1 or ancient 3rd level.

Experience: Four/4 years of relevant experience.

Purpose of the Job: To guide the Bank’s operation through transporting individuals, cash and items timely and safely.

Essential Functions:

• Respect and adhere to the traffic policies and road safety rules at all times;

• Transport individuals, cash and goods to and from destinations;

• Interact with customers professionally at all times;

• Ensure that the vehicle is always fueled and equipped for use;

• Keep mileage records and repair data up-to-date;

• Utilizing navigation apps to find the most optimal route;

• Working at night, on weekends and vacations when requested;

• Maintaining an organized travel schedule;

• Arranging for car repairs when necessary;

• Clean the vehicle and refreshed at all times;

Place of Work: Bahir Dar District, Dessie District, Gondar District

Position 2: Junior Facility Management Officer

Qualification: BA in Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration or any other associated fields

Experience: One/1 year of relevant journey preferably in Banking industry.

Purpose of the Job: To assist the system of delivering efficient and fantastic facility services in the bank.

Generic Functions:

• Provide the required assistance in all things to do of the work unit;

• Properly maintain important files/records and avail when required;

• Engage in teamwork, collaboration, and transparency work practices;

• Adhere to inside control system and hazard management program of the Bank;

• Handle different related generic duties

Specific Functions:

• Provide one-of-a-kind kinds of facility services to all organs in fantastic and timely manner for securing minimum disruption of the business;

• Process the provision of utility offerings and effect payments;

• Prepare and process repayments for maintained vehicles, insurance bills, outsourced maintenance/repair work and other miscellaneous payments;

• Keep correct records of outsourced facility service providers, maintenance/repair works, mileages travelled and consumption of fuel, oil, tires and downtimes and different relevant documents in tender and hard copy;

• Fills out vehicle dispatch structure based on request approval;

• Handle other related duties as may be required

Place of Work: Head Office

Position 3: Senior IT System Administrator

Qualification: BA B.Sc. In Computer Science/ Information Technology or any different related field.

Experience: 5 years of relevant trip preferably in banking industry of which two years on Officer position.

Purpose of the Job: To support the smooth functioning of the Bank’s day to day operations by means of implementing, securing and maintaining of the Bank’s enterprise structures and Datacenter.

Generic Functions:

• Take up the roles of the Division Manager in his/her absence;

• Actively participate in developing, reviewing and implementing insurance policies & procedures, plan /budget of the division;

• Mentor and enable staffs beneath his /grades towards achieving their fantastic performance;

• Demonstrate the Bank’s code of conduct; embody the bank’s good culture and company image to the public;

• Engage in teamwork, collaboration, and transparency work practices;

• Provide services as per the provider level agreement;

Specific Functions:

• Administer and maintain servers: Web Server, Application Server, Database Server, File Server, Mail Server, etc.

• Monitor and confirm the integrity, availability and utilization of all hardware, server resources, system and key process,

• Review system and software logs, and verify completion of scheduled jobs such as backups;

• Manage and monitor gadget service and continuously make positive that service run smoothly;

• Maintain server configuration, migration, and other implementations;

• Handle different related duties as deemed necessary.

Place of Work: Adama District

Position 4: Senior Planning & Monitoring Officer

Qualification: BA in Management, Business Management, Public administration and Development Management or any different related fields

Experience: 5 years of relevant journey preferably in the Banking Industry of which 2 years as officer position.

Purpose of the Job: To take care of regional office plan and overall performance management, including the analysis and reporting overall performance of the regional office, districts and branches under the formers domain towards a range of indicators to measure its growth in achieving the strategy of the Bank.

Generic Functions:

• Contribute to the bank’s profitability as per the goal set;

• Adhere to internal control device and risk management application of the Bank;

• Provide the concerned organ with timely, relevant, accurate, and complete reviews on the plan performance;

• Implement timely corrective motion on deficiencies and issues that have been raised or reported by way of different internal and exterior regulatory bodies

• Handle other related commonplace duties
Specific Functions:

• Contributes in the designing of various planning methodologies, guidelines and formats;

• participate in education of appropriate corporate key overall performance indicators (KPI) used to measure performance and progress;

• Prepare month-to-month and quarterly progress reports and draft suggestions to capitalize on strengths and opportunities, close up deviations and work on limitations;

• Collect pertinent data from districts\branches beneath the regions domain ,and analyze the elements that critically influence the overall performance of the Bank,

• Provide professional input to districts in their guidance of annual/plan budget in line with strategic plan, follow -up their effort for well timed delivery, and compile it for regional level;

• Assess the Bank’s market share under the location , and undertake the periodic operational/ financial performance monitoring and evaluation;

• Handle different related duties as can also be required

Place of Work: Addis Ababa Regional Office

Position 5: Customer Service Executive – II (IFB)

Qualifications: BA in Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Management, Business Management, Economics, Marketing Management, and related fields.

Experience:1 year of journey in banking operation as CSO, CSR, CSE, or related position.

Purpose of the Job: To enhance consumer satisfaction by dealing with front line customer provider activities with due care and maximum effectivity ; increase the Branch’s resource mobilization effort by way of cross-selling the Bank’s products and services.

Generic Functions:

• Enhance the strong enterprise relationship with customers and cross promote the bank’s positive image to the community;

• Provide the worried organ with timely, relevant, accurate, and complete reports on the sketch performance;

• Provide services as per the service degree agreement;
Contribute to the bank’s profitability as per the target set;

• Engage in teamwork, collaboration, and transparency work practices
Adhere to internal manage system and risk administration program of the Bank;

Specific Functions:

• Engage and perform patron recruitment and account opening activities

• Administer the Primary Vault dually with Branch Operation Manager/ Branch Manager;

• Receive, verify, lodge and withdraw cash to/from Primary and Secondary Vault;

• Receive or dispatch consignment of money from/ to the Treasury;

• Verify the daily cash receipts and money bricks are in order, wrapped and initialed
Retrieve customer signatures, pictures and affirm customers,
Perform other duties as required.

Place of Work: Jigjiga – IFB

Position 6: Security Guard – I

Qualification: Grade tenth Complete /12th

Experience: Two/2 years of relevant experience in Military service.

• Age: Between 25 – 50

Purpose of the Job: guide the customer service manner of the bank by maintaining the work places Safe, Secured and makes it attractive for staffs and customers.

Essential Functions:

• Patrolling and securing the location and ensuring the protection of houses and facilities

• Protecting the company’s assets relative to theft, assault, fire, and other security issues

• Authorize entrance of people and vehicles

• Report any suspicious behaviors and happenings

• Performs other associated duties as assigned

Place of Work: Addis Ababa & the area, Adama, Dargie, Rema, Ataye, Enewari, Bishoftu, Chiro, Modjo, Sheno, Tulefa, Shashemene, Butajira, Wolaita, Hossaena, Meti, Gambella, Arbaminch, Debre Berhan, Zengena (Injibara), teppi, Balchi, Dilla, Battu, Meragna, Harar, Dire Dawa, Asossa, Lemi, Zengena (Injibara).

Position 7: Messenger & Cleaner – I

Qualification: 10th/12th Grade Complete

Experience: Two/2 years of relevant experience

Age: Between 18-35

Essential Functions:

• Receive and supply documents, materials, and supplies from office to workplace within the company.

• Securely delivers packages, documents, written and verbal messages, and different items to the intended area or recipient in a timely manner.

• Protects the confidentiality of information and documents
Place of Work: Asossa, Zengena (Injibara)

Position 8: Branch Manager Grade – I

Qualifications: BA in Banking & Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Management and any different related fields.

Experience: 7 years of relevant journey in the Banking Industry of which 1 year as Assistant Branch Manager/CSM or Relationship Manager.

Purpose of the Job: To achieve sustainable increase and profitability of the Bank through cross-selling the Bank’s products & services; obtaining & retaining customers, improving patron services, and building strong consumer relationships to maximize resources mobilization efforts; managing overall retail banking operations at the assigned branch.

Essential Functionality:

• Lead in the improvement and revision of the branch office’s functional method aligned with the business level approach of the Bank;

• Plan and lead the resource mobilization activity of the Branch with the aid of organizing and coordinating the branch work force in an fantastic manner.

• Support regular checks on provider delivery at the branch thru methods such as customer survey at the department to determine customers ‘perception & journey of the Bank’s service;

• Ensure an attractive banking service is delivered and maintained;

• Plan and lead the aid Mobilization activity of the Branch by organizing and coordinating the department work force in an effective manner,

• Aggressively engages in advertising and marketing and promotional activities,

Place of Work: Jigjiga – IFB

Deadline: July 15, 2023

How to Apply:

Interested applicants fulfilling the above requirements are invited to apply within five (5) consecutive days from July 11, 2023, to July 15, 2023, online via on below Amhara Bank Vacancy Web Portal Link:

For any inquiry contact us on 690

• Only short listed candidates will be communicated

• Hard copy or physical applications will not be accepted

• The Bank has the right to cancel the post advertised

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