Ethiopian Sky Technologies is a Joint Venture (JV) agency of Ethiopian Airlines and Sky techno of Italy; which is engaged in manufacture insulation blankets and its primary manufacturing facility is at Bole Airport, Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Airlines and Geven-SkyTecno have inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility for the manufacturing of Insulation Blankets for Boeing 737 MAX airplanes as phase of a Boeing agreement (BSCA) between The Boeing Company, Geven-Skytecno and Ethiopian Airlines.

The new joint venture organization of Ethiopian Airlines and Geven-SkyTecno, named “Ethiopian Sky Technologies”, is based in Addis Ababa with primary manufacturing facility at Bole Airport.

Ethiopian Airlines holds 51% and SkyTecno 49% of the stake of the newly installed company.

The parties as per their commitment are mutually manufacturing the products in Italy and Ethiopia as a supplier to The Boeing Company.

Position: Warehouse & Inventory Controller

Minimum Qualification:

• BA Degree in Procurement/Logistics/Supply Chain Management with 1-year experience or finalization of 10+2 or 10+3 in Purchasing /Material Management with 3 Years’ experience in Material Control or Inventory Control

• Good Communication talent in written and spoken English.

• Good Experience in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Registration Date: 10 July 2023 up to 16 July 2023


• Applicants who meet the minimum necessities and are interested to apply for this function are invited to submit their application by means of email on

• along with scanned copy  of supporting documents.

Required Supporting Documents:

• CV (Not More than 2 pages)

• 8th Grade Ministry Card.

• BA degree certificate. /10+2 or 10+3 Documents

• Kebele ID.

• Driving License (optional).

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